Mission Statement

Angel Search and Rescue’s primary mission is to provide trained ground searchers and command organization for search and rescue operations or natural/man-made disasters. Angel Search and Rescue will also provide assistance with communications and provide supplemental emergency medical support when requested. The secondary mission of Angel Search and Rescue is to provide educational programs to the general public in order to decrease the number of searches in the area serviced by Angel Search and Rescue.


Angel Search and Rescue is currently dispatched by CE-COM on their main dispatch frequency.

The Pittsylvania County Central Emergency Communications Center located in Chatham Virginia and operates CE-COM.

Angel Search and Rescue is Squad 16 on the Pittsylvania County System.

Angel Search and Rescue operates on the Statewide Mutual Aid 155.205 once on the scene for communications. This allows Angel Search and Rescue to communicate with local fire and rescue squads, as well as other responding agencies, in the area of the search.